Transfer Agent

Registrar and Transfer Agent Services

Full System Integration

Atlas is equipped with a robust, highly efficient integrated platform called PFS “Paxus”. With Paxus, Atlas provides comprehensive Registrar & Transfer Agent services, Investor Relations and Corporate Secretarial services. All investment activity transactions including issuance of series of shares/partnership interests, expense calculations, and the preparation of Investor Statements/Contract Notes are fully customizable in a multi-currency General Ledger system minimizing manual labor and eliminating transposition errors between one system and another.

Investor Relations Department

Atlas' Investor Relations Department provides investors/Limited Partners with investor/LP confirmations, final Contract Notes, and monthly statements upon finalization of the Fund’s Net Asset Value. The Investor Relations Department handles all wire payments and transfers including the processing of distribution/dividend payments, and performing thorough Anti-Money Laundering and Know-Your-Client due diligence checks and procedures on the underlying investors/Limited Partners in the Fund.

Registrar and Transfer Agent Services include

  • Accepting investor subscriptions and issuing shares/Partnership interests
  • Maintaining the Fund’s principal corporate books and records
  • Holding Meetings on behalf of shareholders and Directors
  • Processing redemptions, exchanges, and transfers
  • Adherence to AML procedures and KYC requirements
  • Preparing and filing local statutory filings
  • Maintaining the Fund’s Investor Register
  • Publishing the Fund's Net Asset Value
  • Assisting with the annual audit