Registrar and Transfer Agent Services

Full System Integration

ATLAS is equipped with a robust highly efficient integrated platform called PFS “Paxus”. With Paxus, Atlas provides comprehensive Registrar & Transfer Agent services, Investor Relations and Corporate Secretarial services. All investment activity transactions including issuance of series of shares/partnership interests, expense calculations, and the preparation of Investor Statements/ Contract Notes are fully customizable in a multi-currency General Ledger system minimizing manual labor and eliminating transposition errors between one system and another.

Investor Relations Department

ATLAS’s Investor Relations Department provides investors/Limited Partners with investor/ LP confirmations, final Contract Notes, and monthly statements upon finalization of the Fund’s Net Asset Value. The Investor Relations Department handles all wire payments and transfers including the processing of distribution/dividend payments, and performing thorough Anti-Money Laundering and Know-Your-Client due diligence checks and procedures on the underlying investors/Limited Partners in the Fund.

Registrar and Transfer Agent Services include

Maintaining the Fund’s Investor Register

Maintaining the Fund’s principal corporate books and records

Accepting investor subscriptions and issuing shares/ Partnership interests

Assisting with the annual audit

Holding Meetings on behalf of shareholders and Directors

Preparing and filing local statutory filings

Publishing the Fund's Net Asset Value

Processing redemptions, exchanges, and transfers

Adherence to AML procedures and KYC requirements