Alternative Investment Funds

Alternative Hedge Fund Service Solutions

Atlas Fund Services (ATLAS) provides a complete range of Alternative Hedge Fund service solutions including Fund Accounting & Net Asset Value Calculation, Investor Relations Services and Corporate Secretarial Services to small- and midsized Hedge Funds around the world. ATLAS prides itself on true flexibility and customized reporting solutions designed with the needs of the innovative manager in mind. ATLAS caters to onshore- and offshore funds of different structures including Private Equity, Fund of Funds, Mutual Funds, Private label funds, Real Estate funds in the form of stand-alone single Manager funds, Master/Feeder structures, Side-by-Side structures, and Partnership accounting.

Core Fund Administration and Fund Valuation Services

  • Preparing portfolio valuations, financials, customized P&L and transparency reports
  • Preparing Annual Financial Statements
  • Maintaining General Ledger
  • Per share offshore Equalisation modules taking into account High Watermarks and Hurdle Rate calculations
  • Calculating Net Asset Values & maintaining all accounting records
  • Fee calculations & accruals
  • Assist with the audit of the fund
  • Individual trial balance for each partner in a Limited Partnership or each Series/class in a fund
  • Administer all Investor related activities, including detection of anti-money laundering
  • Payment of fund expenses and invoices
  • Incentive fee calculations supporting the Series of shares consolidation method


ATLAS’ fully integrated accounting platform boasts a powerful multi-currency General Ledger module which combines all components of multiple processing systems into one


ATLAS has partnered with Pacific Fund Systems to offer the most robust fully integrated software solution called “Paxus”, which features a flexible architecture


ATLAS’s rigorous Compliance Policies and Procedures are based on the National Ordinance Reporting of Unusual Transactions, the National Ordinance Identification


Atlas Fund Services offers a dedicated platform called EMP Matrix for emerging managers and family offices. The EMP Matrix is a sophisticated turnkey suite of services.


Our Key Differentiators

  • Cost effective pricing & tiered fee schedules which include incentive “start-up fees” at price discounts designed to partially mitigate the fund’s expenses during the fund’s launch phase
  • Dedicated team of professionals to each fund manager/ ensuring optimum response time
  • Fully automated backup procedures and an extensive BCM (Business Continuity Management) framework in place to ensure business continuity across all satellite offices around the world
  • SSAE 16 Soc 1 Type II (former SAS70 Level II) Compliant
  • Implementation of sound Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and compliance & Know Your Client “KYC”)/due diligence policies & procedures in place throughout the entire organization; ATLAS is an ACAMS Member www.acams.org